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Your journey in SoulMask starts with basic hunting and gathering skills to survive in the harsh, mysterious lands. While you can easily survive on wild berries and meat from hunted animals, thriving requires some extra efforts on your end, especially with the ever-growing tribe size. In this regard, farming is among the most important skills that every player must master before progressing into the Bronze Age. 

The only problem is that farming in SoulMask is quite different from other survival simulators. For instance, you must acquire various seeds, build necessary structures, and forage special fertilizers to grow different plants. Sounds like too much? Don’t worry, this best farming guide will equip you with the right set of skills so that you can stop worrying about food; let’s start:

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SoulMask Farming Guide

You can start farming various crops as soon as you build your first camp, given you have unlocked all the required tools. To start growing your own food, you must first unlock the Crop Planting skill under the Dawn of the New Tribe tree. Next, you will need the recipes for Farmland, Fertilizer Buckets, Fertilizers, Seeds, and a water source (well, rain collector, or a nearby river). Don’t worry; you will automatically unlock all these blueprints after acquiring Crop Planting skills.

Next, we will cover everything from early-game all the way to the point that you can automate farming to passively gather food while you engage in other activities.

Farming Tips for Early Game

Farming Guide Early Game

During the early-game sequence, you won’t have access to all the tools and materials required for your farmland. So, you must survive on the nearby wildlife until you can finally unlock the crop technology. However, there are a few things that you can do during this phase to gather enough materials for your future needs. Here are a few things to consider while exploring the wild without any tribe support:

  • Visit the Flint Tribe Camps and Ruins: The barbarian tribes are way ahead in farming technology right from the very beginning. So, it is a great idea to regularly raid these locations to gather ripened fruits and vegetables, compost, and maybe a few seeds. In our playthrough, we found most of our initial seeds in the chests found in various Ancient Ruins and dungeons. Moreover, you can also find important building resources in these locations if you are lucky. In short, the goal is to stockpile as many farming resources as you can find before diving into the farming technology tree.
  • Build a Grinder: The first structure that you will need to become an accomplished farmer is the Grinder. You will unlock this building quite early in your playthrough, and it is extremely important to craft it ASAP. With the Grinder in place, you can process your extra fruits and vegetables to acquire seeds (keep them somewhere safe).
  • Focus on Medium Building Tech: When clearing the Ancient Ruins with your stone and bone weapons, you will be quite tempted to rush through the Ages to unlock advanced gear. However, that’s not really the best idea as you will need other resources as you progress from the Stone Age to the advent of Steel. Therefore, it is important to rush through the Medium Buildings Block before you reach the Bronze Age so that you can take care of your farming needs. Lastly, this tree will also unlock breeding technology that you can utilize to farm meat and even gather feces for your farming needs.

How to Grow First Farm Before Bronze Age in SoulMask?

Farming Guide Before Bronze Age

Okay, so you have just progressed through the Copper Age, and the Bronze Age is right there on the horizon. If you followed our tips, you will now have a Grinder, Crop Planting Technology, all the important farming gear, and maybe a few tribesmen with high morale. It is time to place down your first farmland and sow the seeds for your first plants. Unfortunately, you are far from automating farming as you don’t have a Granary, so you must do all the chores manually to cultivate your crops. 

The first step in growing your own farmland is to lay down a plot for your field. This 2x2 plot seems pretty empty without the Granary, but you haven’t progressed into the Bronze Age yet! Don’t worry; you can manually grow your own food, given that you have enough fertilizers, seeds, and a nearby water source. Simply approach the field, plant your desired seeds, and put some fertilizers. Next, you must depend on the rainwater and potting technique to keep your plants hydrated until you unlock water buckets. Until then, it would be best to focus only on one farmland and grow the crop you really need.

Also, if you have recruited a few tribesmen, now is the best time to build an outhouse. This structure will not only improve the tribe’s mood, but also give you an unlimited supply of feces for your future fertilizer needs. Lastly, you can also acquire a steady feces supply from your tamed animals like alpacas and turkeys. Just remember, more poop means more crops.

Farming in the Bronze Age

Farming Guide Bronze Age

The advent of the Bronze Age brings many gifts, especially for the farmers. You will now have access to a Granary, Water Buckets, Fertilizer Buckets, Rainwater Collector, or Well (if you aren’t near a natural water source). Oh, and don’t forget the herbicides and pesticides, as they will come quite handy once you expand your farmland and go towards automation.

Obviously, the first step is to build a Granary and a Water Well, as well as craft Water Buckets and Fertilizer Buckets to take care of the crops’ hydration needs. Next, head to the Fertilizer Bucket and craft various fertilizers, depending on the type of plants you are growing. Finally, assign at least two tribesmen at the Granary to automate the farming, fertilizing, and gathering chores.

Farming Guide Granary

With these tasks out of the way, you can now focus on expanding your farmland. Keep in mind you can only place farm plots within the bonfire’s radius, so you must build additional fires if you wish to expand the boundaries. Lastly, location is extremely important to make your farms more efficient, so if your camp is on an uneven terrain, you can build foundations under your farms. Furthermore, make sure to grow only one type of plant in each of the farmlands to easily manage your crops.

Note: You must place all the required resources in the Granary to automate farming. Also, the tribesmen will sow their own seeds unless you manage the Seed Plantation for each farmland.

That’s it! You now have a fully functional, automatic farmland that can grow all domestic crops as long as you provide the first seeds for each. However, there are certain rules for farming that can seriously impact the efficiency of your farms and even destroy the entire yield. So, we will discuss those factors in the next block.

Farming Tips for SoulMask

Now that you have your farmlands, you can focus on other responsibilities like managing your tribe and exploring deadly dungeons. However, before you start your adventures, there are a few things that you should consider to ensure that your farms remain productive in your absence. These farming tips will help improve your farms’ efficiencies, enhance the crop qualities, and completely free you from micro-managing your farms:

Location is the Key

Farming Guide Location

We can’t emphasize this point enough; location is extremely important for farming in SoulMask. When setting your farm plots, you must consider the location from various aspects. For example, the farm should be close to a water source, the Granary should be easily accessible, the Fertilizer Bucket should be nearby, the farm should be within the bonfire’s boundary, and the crops must be placed on a uniform terrain. 

If you find the sweet spot that ticks all these options, then you won’t ever face any difficulties in automating your farming needs. On the contrary, you must constantly micro-manage each farm if it is away from any of these sources. So, you should upgrade your bonfires and build new ones to increase your farming lands. Lastly, you should build your farmlands on 2x2 foundations if your base camp doesn’t have any uniform terrains.

Maintain Temperatures

Farming Guide Temperature

As mentioned earlier, farming in SoulMask is quite different from other survival sandbox games. For instance, different crops require various temperature zones to grow. So, you can’t expect desert plants to grow in the rainforest and vice versa. Fortunately, you will unlock the blueprints for Air Heaters and Cooling Tables as you progress in the Dawn of the New Tribe Tree. 

Furthermore, if you hover over a crop seed, you can see what temperature it needs and then build proper structures to regulate the temperature for each farm. For example, if you want to grow corn in SoulMask, you must build an Air Heater near the farmland to create a temperate environment. Similarly, Potatoes require comparatively cooler environments (15-25), so you must build a Cooling Table to adjust the temperature in the forest.

Assign Appropriate Tribesmen

Farming Guide Assign Tribesmen

Another decisive factor in automating your SoulMask farming is to assign professional farmers for the job. You can assign tribesmen to your farms by building a Granary near the farmland and accessing the jobs section. In this regard, it is important to check your tribesmen’s likes and dislikes, proficiencies, and origins to maximize efficiency.

Some tribesmen are better at plucking the fields, while others prefer to maintain the soil. So, the best strategy is to assign each tribesman to his preferred station to receive various bonuses and help them level up quickly. You can then take control of NPC farmers in SoulMask to upgrade their skills and gain even more boosts.

Use Proper Fertilizers

Farming Guide Fertilizer

Crops can’t grow without fertilizers, and choosing the right ones is extremely important for the job. While some fertilizers can be used universally, they don’t offer the same bonuses as specified fertilizers. For example, you can use Bone Powder Fertilizer on Corn, Peanuts, and Tomatoes but they don’t work well on Potatoes and Pumpkins. Below, you can see a list of all plants and their fertilization needs:


To sum it up, you must unlock the Crop Planting skill in the Dawn of the New Tribe Tech Tree to start farming in SoulMask. However, you must consider seeding, fertilizing, storing, and watering the plants to cultivate your crops. Furthermore, you must reach the Bronze Age to automate the farming in the game. Hopefully, this best farming guide for SoulMask has answered all your questions and set you up to the point that gathering food is no longer your concern, Enjoy Gardening!

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