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Rise from your crypt, a vampire weakened by centuries of sleep! You must quench your thirst for blood to regain your power, all while staying hidden from the deadly sun. Rebuild your crumbling castle and forge a loyal army of humans to serve your growing empire. Choose your path – collaborate with or conquer other vampires online, or rule the night alone. Face down brave hunters and wage war in a world teeming with conflict. This is your chance to defy destiny itself! Will you overthrow Dracula and become the ultimate vampire lord? Dive into revamped gameplay with intuitive controls and native gamepad support for an unforgettable bloodthirsty adventure!

Awaken Poster

V Rising A Gothic Open-World

Explore World Poster

Unleash yourself in a sprawling world crawling with legendary monsters and perilous challenges. Journey through vibrant forests, sprawling plains, and shadowy caves to unearth hidden treasures. Befriend or fight the creatures you encounter, venturing alone or with a band of vampires by your side. Plunder villages, outwit bandits, and conquer the lairs of mythical beasts in this epic adventure.

V Rising Fear the Light - Rule the Night

Fear the Light Poster

Sunlight is lethal, so lurk in the shadows during the day to avoid turning to dust. Embrace the night – it's your hunting ground. But beware, as a vampire, your thirst for blood is ever-present. Your strategy hinges on the sun's movements.

V Rising Raise your Castle

Raise your Castle Poster

Embark on a quest for forgotten wisdom! Unearth ancient secrets and gather the tools you need. With newfound knowledge, forge your own dominion - a dark fortress to house your treasures and loyal followers. Shape it to your desires, a reflection of your vampiric essence. Remember, even the undead need rest - craft secure havens for your allies and yourself. Fortify your domain against envious rivals, ensuring your legacy endures.

V Rising Compete or Cooperate

Compete or Cooperate Poster

Embark on a solitary adventure or explore Vardoran with your trusted companions. Forge alliances with other Vampires to vanquish formidable foes. Storm rival castles, navigate the treacherous politics of blood and power, or build an army of cunning followers. Fight for dominance or forge pacts - the path is yours to choose.

V Rising Master your Vampire

Master your Vampire Poster

In V Rising, you become the ultimate vampire hunter! Forget clunky clicking - you'll unleash a deadly arsenal and unholy abilities with smooth WASD controls and precise cursor aiming. Vanquish powerful enemies to learn new spells, then combine them with your choice of weapons to find the perfect mix of swordsmanship and dark magic. The night is yours to dominate!

V Rising Spellbook

V Rising Blood Types

V Rising Crafting

V Rising V Blood

Alpha the White WolfAlpha the White Wolf

Keely the Frost ArcherKeely the Frost Archer

Errol the StonebreakerErrol the Stonebreaker

Rufus the ForemanRufus the Foreman

Grayson the ArmourerGrayson the Armourer

Goreswine the RavagerGoreswine the Ravager

Lidia the Chaos ArcherLidia the Chaos Archer

Clive the FirestarterClive the Firestarter

Nibbles the Putrid RatNibbles the Putrid Rat

Finn the FishermanFinn the Fisherman

Polora the FeywalkerPolora the Feywalker

Kodia the Ferocious BearKodia the Ferocious Bear

Nicholaus the FallenNicholaus the Fallen

Quincey the Bandit KingQuincey the Bandit King

Beatrice the TailorBeatrice the Tailor

Vincent the FrostbringerVincent the Frostbringer

Christina the Sun PriestessChristina the Sun Priestess

Tristan the Vampire HunterTristan the Vampire Hunter

Kriig the Undead GeneralKriig the Undead General

Leandra the Shadow PriestessLeandra the Shadow Priestess

Maja the Dark SavantMaja the Dark Savant

Bane the ShadowbladeBane the Shadowblade

Grethel the GlassblowerGrethel the Glassblower

Meredith the Bright ArcherMeredith the Bright Archer

Terah the GeomancerTerah the Geomancer

Frostmaw the Mountain TerrorFrostmaw the Mountain Terror

General Elena the HollowGeneral Elena the Hollow

General Cassius the BetrayerGeneral Cassius the Betrayer

Jade the Vampire HunterJade the Vampire Hunter

Raziel the ShepherdRaziel the Shepherd

Octavian the Militia CaptainOctavian the Militia Captain

Ziva the EngineerZiva the Engineer

Domina the Blade DancerDomina the Blade Dancer

Angram the PurifierAngram the Purifier

Ungora the Spider QueenUngora the Spider Queen

Ben the Old WandererBen the Old Wanderer

Foulrot the SoultakerFoulrot the Soultaker

Albert the Duke of BalatonAlbert the Duke of Balaton

Willfred the Village ElderWillfred the Village Elder

Cyril the Cursed SmithCyril the Cursed Smith

Sir Magnus the OverseerSir Magnus the Overseer

Baron du Bouchon the SommelierBaron du Bouchon the Sommelier

Morian the Stormwing MatriarchMorian the Stormwing Matriarch

Mairwyn the ElementalistMairwyn the Elementalist

Henry Blackbrew the DoctorHenry Blackbrew the Doctor

Matka the Curse WeaverMatka the Curse Weaver

Terrorclaw the OgreTerrorclaw the Ogre

Azariel the SunbringerAzariel the Sunbringer

Voltatia the Power MasterVoltatia the Power Master

Simon Belmont the Vampire HunterSimon Belmont the Vampire Hunter

Lord Styx the Night ChampionLord Styx the Night Champion

Gorecrusher the BehemothGorecrusher the Behemoth

General Valencia the DepravedGeneral Valencia the Depraved

Solarus the ImmaculateSolarus the Immaculate

Talzur the Winged HorrorTalzur the Winged Horror

Adam the FirstbornAdam the Firstborn

Dracula the Immortal KingDracula the Immortal King

V Rising Vampire Powers

Blood MendBlood Mend

Expose VeinExpose Vein

Dominate MountDominate Mount

Dominate HumanDominate Human

Blood HungerBlood Hunger

Bear FormBear Form

Human FormHuman Form

Wolf FormWolf Form

Spider FormSpider Form

Rat FormRat Form

Toad FormToad Form

Bat FormBat Form

V Rising System Requirement

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

V Rising PC System Requirement

Minimum Specifications


Intel Core i5-6600, 3.3 GHz or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X, 3.5 GHz




NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti (Maxwell or newer), 2 GB or AMD Radeon R7 360, 2 GB


Windows 10 64 bit


Version 11


Broadband Internet connection


7 GB available space

Additional Notes

Minimum System Requirements might change in the future

Recommended Specifications


Intel Core i5-11600K, 3.9 GHz or AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, 3.7 GHz




NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, 8 GB or AMD Radeon RX 590, 8 GB


Windows 10 64 bit


Version 11


Broadband Internet connection


7 GB available space

Additional Notes

Recommended System Requirements might change in the future

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