How to Improve the Tribe’s Mood in SoulMask?

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Tribesmen in SoulMask work very hard to help build and manage your base camp. They help you around with various chores like mining, gathering resources, crafting recipes, and even fighting along side you in battles. So, it is about time you give something back to appreciate their efforts. Apart from humane behavior, it is your duty to effectively manage the tribe's morale and make sure that you stick around when they start feeling cold.

Tribe morale can seriously impact your tribe's efficiency, be it a slow gathering rate, decreased load capacity, or lower Recognition. So, how to improve the tribe's mood in SoulMask to make everything normal again? Well, in this article, we will discuss different strategies that you can add to your daily chores to keep that morale bar at its peak; let's get started:

How to Improve the Tribe's Morale in SoulMask?

You become the tribe chief as soon as you recruit a tribesman and bring him back to your castle. So, it is your responsibility to assign various duties to your clan members and tend to their needs. A decreased tribe morale can lead to a lower production rate, decreased load carrying capacities, and your tribe members may decide to leave the clan at any time. Fortunately, you can keep track of the clan's morale in the Tribesmen Tab to check everyone's mood, requirements, and preferences.

Once you know what ticks a tribesman, you can effectively manage the clan to become the best chieftain in the whole world. Here are a few strategies that you can follow to improve and recover your tribe's morale:

Give Proper Rest

How to Improve the Tribe Give Rest

Your tribesmen work their asses off to help around your base. While they continue running their assigned tasks with their own free will, you can still give them some rest to keep them motivated. For instance, wouldn't it be better if they could have a free day every week? Therefore, it is important to give proper rest to your clansmen and make sure that they receive their well-deserved Sunday to tend to their personal needs.

How to Improve the Tribe Manual Sleeping

Oh, and don't forget to pause the work when it's too cold outside or just start pouring out of nowhere. Then, you can select resume work from the Tribe Tab to efficiently manage your tribe without spoiling the morale.

Provide Better Accommodations

How to Improve the Tribe Accomodation

Speaking of giving rest, the first that you can do is to provide a proper sleeping space. You can craft accommodations like beds, grass mats, chairs, and dining tables to make them feel at home. Moreover, it doesn't really hurt to keep one or two extra beds in your house to make sure everyone gets a separate space to relax. 

Similarly, you should craft lighting options as soon as you unlock them to maintain a cozy atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. Also, sometimes a tribe member really needs to sleep, but they don't sleep for whatever reason. In this case, you must gain their control and force them to sleep to manually recover tribe morale.

Build Important Structures

How to Improve the Tribe Building Structures

Basically, all you need is a campfire to make your tribesmen feel at home. A simple bonfire can add 200 points to the recognition bar. Similarly, you can also build other important structures like Water collection tanks and outhouses to take care of the basic survival needs of your tribesmen. In short, the better accommodations you provide to your clan members, the higher will be the comfort bonuses. 

Serve Different Meals

How to Improve the Tribe Food

Food and Water are two basic and most important factors that can easily uplift and destroy the tribe's morale. Therefore, it is important to provide plenty of both to keep them happy. After all, happy tummies will yield far better results than you can imagine. In this regard, you can cook a variety of meals for your tribesmen and always stock up the dining table with enough food for each day. While you can micro-manage each tribe member's individual preferences to keep them happy, certain foods are universally loved by everyone. 

For example, you can try recipes for Juice, Fruit Kebab, Hot Cocoa, and Pumpkin Salad to quickly improve the tribe's morale. If you keep cooking large quantities of food and give small portions to every member, they will all feel pretty motivated for the entire day. Just make sure to change your foods, or else they may get bored of the same old menu.

Maintain Warmth

How to Improve the Tribe Warmth

Keep in mind you are living in a harsh climate with minimal clothing, especially if you build the camp in the rainforest. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain warmth both inside the house and outside in the working spaces. While a single campfire is enough to heat the indoor locations, you can still add torches and bonfires outside the house to keep your tribesmen happy and warm everywhere.

Assign Appropriate Tasks

How to Improve the Tribe Tasks

SoulMask is pretty diverse when it comes to the tribe's personal preferences. For instance, each tribe member has different strengths and weaknesses that you can utilize to maximize your tribe's efficiency. Some tribesmen prefer gathering resources and working in a cozy environment, while others like the thrill of guarding the player. In this regard, you can check individual member's preferences and only assign the task they love to keep them happy all the time.

Tend to Individual Needs

How to Improve the Tribe Individual Needs

Every tribe member has a list of likes and dislikes that keep them at bay. For example, some tribesmen are afraid of alpacas while others may hate working in a farm. Similarly, certain recruits are better at crafting and building than fighting battles. So, you must create a system to manage your tribe while considering these needs. Lastly, you should always hear them out as these small talks often give hints about what's bothering your tribesmen.

How to Feed Tribesmen in SoulMask?

How to Improve the Tribe Feed

Usually, your tribesmen will eat and drink themselves as long as you have provided them with proper structures. For example, you can place cooked foods, brewed drinks, and fresh fruits on the dining table and your companions will automatically eat and drink whenever they feel like it.

However, sometimes, they won't eat or drink even if they starve to death. Instead, they will abandon all activities, stand in the corner, and start complaining that they really need to find something to fill their bellies. In that case, you must manually transfer edibles to the Outcast Quick Slot to feed them. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep checking on your roommates and tend to their needs.


That's it, you have just learned how to improve the tribe's mood in SoulMask. Initially, managing your tribe won't be a problem as long as you stick to the best practices. However, your chores really start after you have recruited around 3 to 5 companions. Hopefully, this article has solved all the hurdles in your way to becoming the best chieftain that everyone loves. If you have any other suggestions or questions, feel free to help us improve this guide by commenting in the section below.

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