How to Tame Animals in SoulMask?

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Taming is one of the most important game mechanics in SoulMask. You can breed various animals and birds to get a steady supply of useful resources right in your base camp. Similarly, you can capture larger animals like alpacas and use them as mounts to travel around the huge game map with relative ease. The only problem is that taming can be pretty tricky if you are still in the early game phase. 

For instance, you must use appropriate traps and fill them with bait food to capture different animals. Next, you must place them in proper pens or cages according to their size and keep them fed until they are ready to breed. Still confused? Don’t worry; we will show you how to tame animals in SoulMask and even breed them to get a steady supply of valuable resources.

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How to Tame Animals in SoulMask?

You will unlock the blueprints for various traps and habitats to tame different animals in SoulMask. Initially, you can survive in the game by hunting wild animals and extracting their resources. However, as you make your way towards thriving, taming and breeding becomes a crucial skill to learn. Keep in mind that this is a complex process and requires large quantities of materials like wooden planks and animal feeds.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to tame, breed, and even mount animals in SoulMask:

Craft Traps

The first step in taming wild animals is to learn how to capture them. There are various types of animal traps in SoulMask and you can unlock most of them by investing in the Animal Breeding Technology Tree. In our case, we will focus on crafting small and medium traps which capture more common animals. 

Next, you must unlock and place the Building Workshop in your base. With the workshop in place, it is time to start gathering basic materials like wooden planks, thick rope, hardwood, clay, and Thatch. Next, interact with the workshop to craft different traps according to the animals that you are trying to tame. For example, you can catch smaller animals like turkeys and parrots with small traps while the larger alpacas, cats, and capybaras require medium traps. 

Finally, make sure to craft at least 3 traps for hunting one animal to increase your chance of success. You will also need some food like pumpkins and corns to use as food bait and lure the animal into your traps.

Craft Habitats

Craft Habitat

Before you go out on your hunt, you should create a habitat to breed your captured animals. Different animals require specific breeding nests to tame them. For instance, you will need a Turkey Coop to tame and breed turkeys and a Capybara pen to tame, you guessed it, capybaras.

The good news is that you only need one pen for each animal type as it can host multiple families of the same type. Again, these buildings require extensive building materials like planks and thick ropes, so make sure to stock up your supplies. Also, you must study and gather the favorite foods for various animals to lure them into traps. From what we know, smaller animals love corn and corn flour whereas larger animals like pumpkins, unless you are hunting a carnivore.

Lay your Traps

Place Trap

Now that you have enough supplies for your hunt, it is time to place your traps in the right location. Here is a list of all domesticable animals in SoulMask and how you can use them:


  • Scarlet Macaw
  • Monkey


  • Turkey
  • Capybara


  • Alpaca
  • Llama
  • Jaguar
  • Snow Leopard
  • Ostrich

Food Bait

Let’s assume that you are planning to tame and breed Turkeys or Capybaras. So, you don’t need to look too far as their designated habitat is in the rainforest. Next, go out and look for your favorite animals in the forest. Once you spot a potential catch, monitor its path from a safe distance and place multiple small or medium traps in their route. Also, it is important to use appropriate food baits like corn or pumpkins to lure them.

Retrieve Animals

Retrieve Animals

With your active traps in place, it is time to get out of sight and stay hidden until you catch something. You must hide at a safe distance such that the animals don’t get scared and run away from the hunting zone. After a few seconds of patience, you will eventually capture something in one of your traps, so it is time to retrieve your trophy. Now, be very careful in what to retrieve and what to release. 

For example, if you want to breed livestock, you should capture a fully grown male-female pair. Similarly, your pets and mounts should be babies so that you can easily tame them at a young age. However, it also means that you must look after and feed them until they are large enough to be used as a mount.

Tame Animals

Tame Animal

You have now successfully captured your animals and the last step is to tame or breed them. So, return to your base camp with the captured trophies and place them in their appropriate habitats, i.e., pens and coops. Next, you must regularly place feed and water in their feeding troughs to keep them alive and healthy. Oh, and don’t forget to close the door on your way out as these untamed animals may sometimes leave their pens. 

Hopefully, if you keep feeding your tamed animals, they will start generating resources after one game day. As for your young mounts, you must look after them until they reach adulthood, that usually doesn’t take too long if you feed them properly.

How to Mount Animals in SoulMask?

Mount Animal

As mentioned earlier, you can mount different large animals like alpacas, llamas, and ostriches to travel around the large world map. Say you captured a baby alpaca, placed it in a cage, and even fed it until it grows up. However, there will still be no option to mount it as a regular horse. So, how to mount tamed animals in SoulMask?

Well, there is one extra step stopping you from riding your favorite animals, i.e., a saddle. First, you must unlock saddle crafting technology under the Leather Gear Technology Tree. Next, visit your Armor Forging Table and craft a saddle using leather rope, normal leather, and coarse cotton.

Once you craft a leather saddle, head to the taming pen and carefully approach your mount (llama or alpaca) without spooking it. Next, place the leather saddle on the animal, open the doors, and you are ready to kiss the wind on your new high-speed ride.


Taming and breeding animals is an important skill to learn in SoulMask. You can domesticate various animals to harvest resources, get meat, and even use them as mounts for traveling around the large world. However, this skill requires a tremendous amount of preparation as you craft traps, habitats, and saddles. Therefore, this article provides a complete guide on how to tame animals in SoulMask to help you thrive in the unforgiving mysterious lands.

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