How To Grow Your Tribe in SoulMask?

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SoulMask goes way beyond just surviving, crafting, and completing main story quests. A large portion of this RPG survival sandbox is about creating and maintaining your own tribe and forming diplomatic relations with other powerful tribes in the region. The main benefit of recruiting newcomers to your tribe is that you can share simple tasks like crafting and gathering resources with them so that you can focus on more important activities.

The only problem is that the game doesn’t really spoon-feed you all this information in the tutorial sequence. So, if you are wondering how to grow your tribe in SoulMask, this article will equip you with all the tools needed to create and manage your own tribe; let’s start:

How To Grow Your Tribe in SoulMask?

You start SoulMask as a lone traveler with a simple base and stone weapons. As you progress further into the game, you unlock advanced weapons, traits, and the ability to create and manage your own tribe; how cool is that! These new recruits become your loyal companions who help you in resource gathering, crafting, building, defending your territory, and even accompanying you on various expeditions. 

Furthermore, you can also use the Control Node of your mask to play the game as your tribesmen and use their unique skills. However, recruiting new members for your tribe requires time, resources, and effort. Once you get a hold of this tribe building concept, it starts to feel like a repetitive task, like learning how to get iron in SoulMask

Here’s how to start your own tribe in SoulMask:

Locate Potential Tribesman

Before we start recruiting new tribesmen, it is important to upgrade your mask with green crystals. Once you unlock the Recruit ability, the next step is to find a potential tribesman for your clan. You can find these recruits in pretty much any human settlement scattered across the huge open world.

Locate the Tribeman

The best place is to look in Barbarian Camps and mysterious ruins. Keep in mind that each settlement hosts many tribesmen and they are all great fighters, even with basic weapons. So, make sure to upgrade your weapons with iron or copper and avoid engaging in group combat, as it can quickly turn into a bloodbath.

Deter the recruit

Carefully examine the tribesman from a safe distance and avoid starting a conflict yet. Once you spot a potential recruit, use any throwable weapon like a spear to separate him from the group. When you two are alone, keep poking the tribesman with your light weapons but don’t kill him!

Deter the Recruit

When the tribesman’s health drops below 20% of the total HP, get close enough to see the Deter option on the screen. Next, press Q to Deter the recruit unconscious and make sure that no other enemy is nearby. Finally, press G to carry the new recruit and take him back to your base camp.

Tame the new recruit

Recruit Tame

Once you arrive at your house (camp), place the new recruit anywhere inside the structure. We recommend placing them on your bed as it is more human and even speeds up the recruiting process. Next, you must feed the unconscious tribesman with liquid food, keep him hydrated, and tend to his wounds until he gets better.

Don’t worry, its not really rocket science per se. All you need to do is to approach the unconscious tribesman, open his inventory, and transfer Broth and simple Bandages to accommodate him. You will notice that he starts getting better as soon as you feed and tend to his wounds. However, you aren’t ready to recruit him yet, as there is one last step.

Recruit and manage the tribesman

Recruit and Manage

The last step in growing your tribe is to patiently wait for the new recruit to regain his senses. During this period, you must regularly feed and tend to his wounds using the method discussed before. Also, keep an eye on the Recognition meter, as it is the key to recruiting a new tribe member. 

Once the Recognition meter fills to 50% (500 out of 1000), approach the tribesman and press E to recruit him to your tribe. That’s it! You have just recruited your first tribe member and you now will be known as a chieftain of your own tribe. So, now you can assign various tasks to him to gain passive resources while you focus on other activities. Feel free to return to the isolated tribes and repeat the whole process to recruit even more tribesmen for your clan.

How to Recruit More Tribesmen in SoulMask?

Okay, so you have just learned how to recruit tribesmen to grow your tribe in SoulMask. However, a single NPC tribe isn’t really what we had in mind, right? Well, don’t worry; the game has other mechanics attached to recruiting your tribe members. Initially, you can only recruit 3 members for your new clan. As you progress further into the game, upgrade your mask, and repair the control nodes, you can recruit as many as 18 members for your tribe.

Therefore, it is important to regularly complete mask quests and use green crystals to upgrade your mask. Eventually, you will be strong enough to recruit and manage a tribe of 18 unique individuals. However, it also means that you now have more mouths to feed, build more beds, provide accommodations, and be generous when equipping your warriors. In the end, running your own tribe can be fun and ease off your burdens, but it also adds to your daily responsibilities.


SoulMask allows you to create, grow, and manage your own tribe to survive in the mysterious lands. You can assign various tasks like gathering resources, crafting items, and defending your base to your local clansmen. However, it requires patience, effort, and tending to your recruit’s needs. Hopefully, this article has everything there to know about how to grow your tribe in SoulMask so that you can become the new chieftain. Happy Hunting!

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