SoulMask: Where to Get Premium Hardwood & How to Use It?

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Players who like the survival-crafting genre will instantly fall in love with SoulMask, given how open-minded the game is around every corner. While the game offers a few RPG elements and quests, most of your time will be spent in chopping down trees, breaking rocks, and brewing various drinks. In this regard, you will be needing a lot of hardwood to craft almost everything in your base camp.

Okay, so you can find plenty of hardwood by cutting the larger trees, but what if a recipe requires premium wood? Worry not, this article explains everything about premium hardwood in SoulMask, where to find it, and how to use it in your recipes; let’s get started:

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Where to Get Premium Hardwood in SoulMask?

Premium hardwood is nothing but a rare form of the common hardwood in SoulMask. While you can replace it with regular hardwood in most recipes, some blueprints, like advanced weapons and premium planks, specifically ask for premium hardwood. The only problem is that there is no specific location to farm premium hardwood in SoulMask, so you must rely on a bit more than just mindless exploration.

The best way to get premium hardwood is to go deep into the rainforest and start chopping down the large, white trees, and you will eventually drop a few pieces. Unfortunately, the system is completely randomized, and we can’t really foretell which trees will drop premium hardwood. However, you can still uplift your chances by following a few tips to maximize your chopping efficiency:

Choose the Right Trees

Right Tress

As mentioned earlier, chopping down the large white trees will drop hardwood and even premium hardwood, whereas the smaller trees will only drop logs. So, it is extremely important to try your luck on the larger trees when hunting for premium wood in SoulMask. Secondly, we noticed that larger trees that gave premium hardwood took significantly longer to chop compared to the common hardwood trees. Lastly, there are more hardwood trees near the riverbanks and western rainforest, and thus, chopping there will definitely increase your chances of dropping the rare hardwood.

Upgrade your Axe

Upgrade Axe

This is perhaps the most important tip for gathering premium hardwood in SoulMask. During our playthrough, we noticed that chopping trees with enhanced axes dropped more rare woods. For example, you can upgrade and replace your stone axe with a new bronze axe to increase your chances of dropping premium hardwood. Similarly, you can further upgrade it by crafting iron ingots to further boost your chances. However, it all remains a game of luck until the endgame sequence.

Secondly, you should focus on repairing your damaged axes instead of carrying more than two axes in your inventory. This way, you can keep chopping down the trees without having to return to your base camp more often.

Practice Makes Perfect


You can’t find a better phrase to explain the Proficiencies in SoulMask. Basically, chopping down more trees will increase your Logging Proficiency, which in turn increases tool durability, gathering rate, and enhances the loot. In other words, the more trees you chop, the higher will be your chances to drop premium hardwood.

Automate Logging


The fastest way to passively generate premium hardwood is to recruit tribesmen and assign them the task of chopping down woods. At Awareness 25, you can build a Logging Camp to store your chopped woods. Once you build the Logging Camp, interact with it to assign a tribesman to the logging task and filter out the collected material for premium hardwood. This way, you can focus on more important activities while your clan members take care of logging for your tribe. Oh, and you will get better results if you assign the task to professional lumberjacks with higher proficiencies.

How to Use Premium Hardwood in SoulMask?

As mentioned earlier, premium hardwood is the same as normal hardwood, only rarer. So, you can use it in most wood crafting recipes that require hardwood. If you take a closer look at the blueprints, the premium hardwood is included in the optional tab. So, feel free to build wood walls, beds, and planks with your normal hardwood supplies. The only difference is that you must use twice as many normal hardwoods to replace premium hardwood.

That being said, certain recipes exclusively ask for premium hardwood (not optional). So, if you want to craft premium hardwood planks and premium hardwood handles, you have no choice but to collect premium hardwood for these items. Otherwise, you can easily replace it with double hardwood in other recipes.

SoulMask: Premium Hardwood vs. Normal Hardwood

You can drop hardwood by chopping down the large and medium trees using your Stone Axe or better tools. On the contrary, premium hardwood is the same as normal wood but only better. Furthermore, the only way to acquire premium hardwood is to keep logging until you finally drop it, if you are lucky.

Most wood-crafting recipes in SoulMask require normal hardwood, and the ones that require premium hardwood usually have it as an optional ingredient. Therefore, you can easily deselect the premium hardwood tab and replace it with double normal hardwoods to craft those items.


SoulMask includes a plethora of crafting ingredients that you can loot and extract from different sources. While most ingredients are readily available from the outside world, you must rely on grinding techniques to get the premium materials. In this regard, premium hardwood is probably the hardest to get in the game. Hopefully, now you know where to get premium hardwood in SoulMask so that you can easily craft the premium planks.

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