SoulMask: Where to Get Rare Fresh Meat? — Farming Guide

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SoulMask is such a detailed game that even the premium resources have rare variants, and finding them is crucial for your success. For example, there are three different categories of meat in the game, i.e., fresh meat, premium fresh meat, and rare fresh meat. While you can use the fresh and premium meats in various recipes, certain high-tier blueprints specifically ask for the rare version. 

For example, you need rare meat to cook Rare Cooked Meat and even craft tokens to summon different SoulMask bosses. The only problem is that the game doesn’t really explain where to get rare fresh meat, even though it is required in many recipes. Don’t worry, we are about to explain everything about this rare drop and how you can use it for maximum bonuses; let’s get started:

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Where to Get Rare Fresh Meat in SoulMask?

Rare Fresh Meat Where to get

As the name suggests, Rare Fresh Meat is a higher-tier resource than the fresh and premium fresh meats. While you can acquire it from various sources, its dropping rate is so low that players have started to believe it to be a myth. However, we can’t keep playing the game without defeating the predator bosses, and their tokens specifically ask for a chunk of the Rare Fresh Meat.

In our experience, the best way to get Rare Fresh Meat in SoulMask is to hunt down the elite animals in the forest. You can try killing Elite Bears, Elite Alligators, Elite Eagles, and Elite Anacondas to get Elite Rare Carcass Chunks. Once you have the Rare Carcass, head to the Butcher Table in your base camp and trim it to get 1x Rare Fresh Meat. The only catch is that you won’t always drop a Rare Thick Hide Carcass by killing these animals, so you must keep grinding until you have enough carcasses.

Rare Fresh Meat Beast Lair

Fortunately, you can find these Elites in the Beast Lairs marked all over the SoulMask map. Below you will find a list of confirmed animals that drop Rare Fresh Meat Carcasses:

  • Elite Turtles
  • Elite Eagles
  • Elite Anacondas
  • Elite Bears
  • Elite Monitor Lizards
  • Saber-toothed Boss

Rare Fresh Meat Farming

Rare Fresh Meat Farming

You can get Rare Fresh Meat by killing any of the above animals and covert their carcasses to get your chunk of flesh. While this method is practical, there is no guarantee that you will always drop the rare meat. Also, it is quite time-consuming to track down and hunt these Elite beasts in the offline mode. Fortunately, we have also uncovered a Rare Fresh Meat farming strategy that you can use to get unlimited Rare Meat and without wasting much time.

However, it is recommended that you only follow this farming method, either with a friend or after you have reached character level 50. For this farming method, first collect as many premium meats as you can find by killing Elite Alligators, Jaguars, and Eagles. Next, use this meat to craft the Fierce Saber-toothed Predator Tokens. Once you have the tokens, head to the Rainforest Pyramid and use the token to summon the Fierce Saber-toothed Predator boss. Finally, take down the boss either with a friend or with the most powerful companion that you can find to drop Rare Fresh Meat, bones, blood, crystals, and many other premium loot items. 

You can re-summon this boss after defeating it unlimited times. So, keep repeating this strategy, and both you and your friend will end up with hundreds of chunks of Rare Fresh Meat. We followed this farming strategy to stockpile over 600x Rare Fresh Meat in just a single night.

How to Use Rare Fresh Meat in SoulMask?

Rare Fresh Meat How to Use

As mentioned earlier, Rare Fresh Meat is used in a bunch of SoulMask recipes. However, before we get into the details, you must learn how to convert the thick animal hides into Rare Fresh Meat (unless you follow our farming guide). After killing the Elite beasts, take the Rare Carcass Chunks to the Butcher Table in your base camp and use them to craft Rare Fresh Meat.

Now that you have enough Rare Fresh Meat chunks, you can easily use them in the following cooking recipes:

How to Get Predator Tokens in SoulMask?

Rare Fresh Meat Token

While these recipes will regenerate a ton of HP, that’s not really why players are desperately going for the meat. The real benefit of Rare Fresh is for summoning the Elite SoulMask bosses and Pyramid guardians. 

Here’s what you can do with your huge stash of Rare Fresh Meat in SoulMask:


Rare Fresh Meat is hard to come by in SoulMask, well, it is “rare”, what do you expect? However, learning where to get this rare flesh opens up the doors of various SoulMask Pyramids and unlocks a plethora of boss fights. Hopefully, this article has explained everything about the Rare Fresh Meat and how to use it in your recipes. Feel free to ask if you have any questions in the comments below; Happy Hunting!

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