SoulMask: Where to Get Nitrate Ore & How to Use It?

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You start SoulMask as a nobody with nothing but a few basic stone tools and a strange mask that controls everything. Once you enter the mysterious lands, it is your job to figure out a way to first survive and then gradually shift towards thriving. While you can find most of the important crafting resources while roaming around in the wild, some rarer materials can prove to be tough headscratchers. In this regard, SoulMask Nitrate Ore is the most debated and least-answered topic on the internet these days.

You can’t do much with this special ore except for a few recipes when you start farming plants in the base. However, it becomes an important mineral once you decide to farm plants like Chili, Guava, and Papaya to feed your tribesmen. So, where to get Nitrate Ore in SoulMask? In this article, we will discuss Nitrate Ore and Niter Powder farming locations and how to use them in your recipes; let’s get started:

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SoulMask: Where to Get Nitrate Ore?

Nitrate Ore Location

Nitrate Ore is a special mineral that you can only harvest from the desert region in SoulMask. However, it is pretty rare in the game, and you can’t expect to stockpile hundreds of them from just mining. Fortunately, you can also craft the ore yourself using the Fertilizer Bucket (reminds of Doctor Stone, doesn’t it?) The only problem is that you don’t unlock that recipe until the late Bronze Age in SoulMask.

Secondly, you will need an upgraded Bronze pickaxe or an Iron Axe to mine the Nitrate Ores, as Stone and Bone axes proved to be worthless in our playthrough. Once you craft your advanced pickaxe, it is time to get on your favorite mount and head toward the desert region. Here are the best locations to farm Nitrate Ore in SoulMask:

Great Prairie

The Great Prairie is the easiest location to mine Nitrate Ore during the early game stages. You can get to this small mining pit by heading northeast from the Flint Tribe Scout Camp, just follow the lake’s bank, and you will reach this mining post without any trouble. However, the real troubles start once you enter the mine as level 36 to 40 Flint Barbarians guard its deposits. Fortunately, you have your advanced bronze weapons to deal with them, so take out all enemies and start mining Nitrate Ore near the cliff’s edge, you can spot these nodes by their purple-ish brown tint.

However, it is only a small mining pit, so you shouldn’t expect to gather any more than 20 ores per visit. Still, it is enough to help grow your plants until you are confident enough to raid the larger pits.

Southern Wasteland

The Southern Wasteland is probably the best location to farm Nitrate Ore in SoulMask. This region is located just west of the large Fang Tribe Barbarian Stronghold in the desert. The best way to reach this large pit is to clear the stronghold, loot all the containers, and then proceed toward the top of the mountain from the tunnel network to find the large mining pit.

There are 4 mining pits in this location; two small pits are located just south of the Barbarian Camp at the toe of the mountain. Fortunately, you won’t find any human enemies in these pits but level 50 Elite Bats will welcome you once you breach their boundaries. Similarly, the medium Nitrate Ore pit is located in the middle of the two smaller pits, here you must face several level 45 Fang Tribe Barbarians before you can head to the Nitrate nodes in SoulMask.

Lastly, the main outpost, i.e., the large Nitrate mining pit, is located at the top of the mountain just past the Barbarian Stronghold. Here, you must battle against the level 50 Fang Tribe Chief to claim all the Nitrate Ore deposits. We recommend that you only attempt this mine at Awareness Level 50 or better, and don’t forget to bring a fierce warrior to take off some of the pressure. If you clear out all four Nitrate Ore mines in this location, you won’t be coming back for more for a very long time.

Crafting Nitrate Ore

As mentioned earlier, instead of mining the Nitrate Ores, you can easily craft them yourself right inside your camp. For this method, you must progress through the story until you unlock the Bronze Age. If you followed our SoulMask Farming Guide, you must have a Fertilizer Bucket and a Grinder in your camp. 

Similarly, you must have a steady supply of feces (outhouses or breeding pens) for this task. Finally, you must unlock the recipe for Nitrate Ore and head to your Fertilizer Bucket to craft Nitrate Ore using the following ingredients:

SoulMask: How to Use Nitrate Ore?

Niter Ore

Now that you have a steady supply of Nitrate Ore, it is time to start using it in your recipes. Unfortunately, this mineral can’t be used directly in any recipes, so you must convert it into Niter Powder first. Maybe the game will include more Nitrate Ore recipes in future updates, but for now, your only option is to powder it using your Grinder.

Niter Powder

When you asked for Nitrate Ores, you were probably looking to craft either the Stone Powder Fertilizer or the Compound Fertilizer for your plants. However, the recipe explicitly asks for Niter Powder, and there is no such thing in your inventory. First, you must unlock the Medium Grinding Technique under the Advancement of Bronze Tech Tree to get the Niter Powder recipe. Next, head to the Grinder, place 1x Nitrate Ore, and start grinding to receive a small pile of Niter Powder.

Stone Powder Fertilizer

Okay, so you have just converted your SoulMask Nitrate Ores into Niter Powder; the next step is to start using it in your recipes. As of the current update, Niter Powder is only required to enhance Stone Powder Fertilizer, which in turn is used in crafting the Compound Fertilizer. So, head back to your Fertilizer Bucket and place the following items to receive 1x Stone Powder Fertilizer:

Similarly, you will need the following ingredients to craft 1x Compound Fertilizer:


That’s it! You have just mastered where to get Nitrate Ore in SoulMask, how to convert it to Niter Powder, and which recipes require Nitrate Ore. While you can directly find Niter Powder inside treasure chests, they are pretty rare drops. Similarly, you can mine the Nitrate Ore from the desert region and manually grind it to Niter Powder before using in your recipes. Hopefully, this article has covered everything on this topic, but if you still have any suggestions, feel free to comment below.

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