All Mounts in SoulMask and How to Get Them?

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Traversing through the harsh and dangerous regions is quite difficult, especially when you are on foot. Moreover, you must travel great distances to retrieve something as simple as Clay or Iron. If only there was a way to use your tamed beasts as mounts, wouldn’t that solve half of your problems?

Well, we have good news for you, there are over 40 different tamable beasts in SoulMask, and you can use 5 of them as mounts. Each beast is unique and has different characteristics like higher load carrying capacity and faster traveling speeds. If you are looking for all mounts in SoulMask and how to get them, this guide will definitely help you out, let’s get started:

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All Mounts in Soulmask and How to Get Them?

Okay, so you have just learned how to tame animals in SoulMask and are ready to take the next step, i.e., unlock your first mount. Well, the process isn’t very different, and all you need is a new recipe to craft various saddles to unlock your mounts. There are 5 unique mounts available in SoulMask, each offering unique characteristics. Moreover, you must progress through the game to unlock better saddles for your new mounts, as each requires a different recipe. Lastly, you must master how to track animals by unlocking the Awareness Strength Level to at least 15. 

Here is a list of all mountable animals in SoulMask and how to tame them:

Alpaca: Basic SoulMask Mount

All Mount Alpaca

Alpaca is the first mountable creature that you unlock at Awareness Strength Level 15. They are quite common in the rainforest region, but most of them are fully grown. So, you must explore various Barbarian Camps or Ancient Ruins to try and sneak a baby Alpaca back to your camp. Once you tame the baby Alpaca and feed it until it is a grown adult, you are ready to mount it, except for one little hurdle, you need a saddle.

To craft a saddle for your Alpaca mount, you must invest skill points in the Dawn of the New Tribe tab. Open the tab, head to Leather Gear, and finally unlock Saddlecraft to get its recipe. Generally, an Alpaca Saddle requires 15x Leather, 10x Leather Ropes, and 10x Coarse Cotton.

Llama: Best Mount for Carrying Cargo

All Mount Llama

Llama is the next available mount in SoulMask that you can unlock pretty much at the same time as your Alpaca. However, unlike Alpacas, Llamas offer better load carrying capacities and support multiple saddle attachments. So, if you are just starting to grow your tribe in SouMask, you must attach a secondary cushion to the saddle to bring your unconscious allies back to the camp. 

Llamas usually graze in the grassy hills, and you can easily capture baby Llamas using a medium trap combined with either corn or pumpkins as bait; they really love it. Alternatively, you can also take a detour to any Barbarian Barrack to sneak out a baby Llama. As for the Saddle requirements, you will need the same Saddlecraft in the Leather Gear Tech Tree. To craft a Llama Saddle, you will need 20x Leather, 10x Leather Ropes, 15x Coarse Cotton, and 10x Thin Ropes.

Jaguar or Panther: Fastest Mount in SoulMask

All Mount Panther

Panthers are relatively faster mounts in SoulMask but offer poor load carrying capacity. You will unlock the Panther as your mount after advancing to the Bronze Age and unlocking bronze gear recipes. At this point, you will be around Awareness Strength Level 25; if you aren’t, then do some grinding. Unfortunately, you can’t find baby Panthers in any of the Barbarian Camps, so the only way to get this mount is to go into the wild rainforest in the southeastern area of the map.

To capture a baby Panther, you must track down the animal using the blue paw prints. The best way to find one is to track down a female Panther hunting for meat for its cub. Next, place a medium trap with some flesh as bait and wait around patiently. Once you tame and feed your baby Panther into a fully grown adult, the next step is to unlock and craft your Panther Saddle. You can find the recipe under the Advancement of Bronze tab and Bronze Gear. As for the requirements, you will need 20x Leather, 10x Leather Ropes, 10x Fine Cotton, and 5x Bronze Ingots to craft a saddle for your Panther.

Ostrich: Best Mount for Speed and Carrying Cargo

All Mount Ostrich

Ostriches are somewhere in between Llamas and Panthers in terms of speed and load carrying capacity. Moreover, these large birds can glide for short periods to minimize fall damage when jumping from cliffs. You will unlock the Ostrich Saddle after getting the Glow of Iron Age, typically around Awareness Strength Level 36. However, unlike other SoulMask mounts, you must steal an Ostrich egg, hatch it back in your camp, and feed it until it is fully grown to mount it.

You can find Ostrich nests in the northeastern desert area of the map. However, the mothers are always guarding the eggs, so you must find a way to distract her to retrieve the egg. Once you have the egg, place it near the campfire, and it will hatch after some time. Next, feed it with wild fruits, corn, and pumpkins, and you will be amazed by how quickly it grows. Next, unlock the Iron Saddle recipe from the Iron Gear tab and use 20x Premium Leather, 15x Fine Cotton, 10x Cotton Ropes, and 5x Iron Ingots to craft the saddle.

Snow Leopard: Best Endgame Mount in SoulMask

Snow Leopards don’t start appearing in the game until you reach the Steel Age at around Awareness Strength Level 51. At this point, you will be exploring the summits of snow-covered mountains with your tribe’s warriors, so why not travel in style? You can find baby Snow Leopards in the northwestern section of the map with the snowy mountains. Once you track down a Leopard, use a medium trap with either meat or fish as bait to capture the baby leopard.

All Mount Snow Leapard Location

Next, keep feeding and looking after the baby Snow Leopard until it grows into an adult. As for the Snow Leopard Saddle, you can unlock it from the Steel Gear section under the Steel Age tab. You will need 20x Delicate Leather, 15x Smooth Cotton, 10x Cotton Ropes, and 5x Steel Ingots to craft a saddle for your Snow Leopard mount.

What is the best mount in SoulMask?

With over 5 mountable creatures at hand, it is quite debatable to ask for the best possible mount in SoulMask. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this question, as every mountable beast offers at least one unique trait to help you out. For instance, if you are looking for a mount to carry cargo, then go for a Llama; if you prefer speed, then a Panther is your best bet. Similarly, 

if you are searching for something to carry the load at faster speeds, then use an Ostrich. Finally, a Snow Leopard will carry you over mountains, jump great distances, and scare the soul out of your enemies in the endgame sequence. The good news is that you get to swap all your tamed mounts before going on an expedition. Therefore, it is best to use the best-suitable mount for every scenario before leaving your camp.


Mounts can greatly improve your traveling conditions in SoulMask. You can use various mounts to carry cargo, jump from cliffs, climb snowy mountains, and traverse through the harsh landscape in the game. Therefore, this article discussed how to get all mounts in SoulMask, their requirements, and how you can benefit from them. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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