V Rising: Where to Find Iron Ore?

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V Rising offers a unique progression system in which players start from basic bone weapons and gradually upgrade to the more advanced copper and iron equipment. You will unlock the recipes and resources as you progress through various character levels. Unfortunately, the tutorial system only remains active until you clear through the first region, i.e., Farbane Woods. 

As a result, players start to feel lost and confused as they unlock better recipes without any knowledge about the required resources. Iron is one such important resource that becomes available after you reach character level 30 and clear Copper Tier. So, where to find iron ore in V Rising? Don’t worry, this guide will equip you with all the basics of iron smithing to make you feel like a master blacksmith, let’s start:

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V Rising: How to Use Iron?

Before we dive into the depths of iron smithing, it is imperative to learn to craft using iron. Make sure that you don’t have any on-going quests as learning how to use iron requires traveling to distant lands and defeating high-level V Blood Carriers (bosses). More specifically speaking, you must follow this strategy to unlock iron technology in V Rising.

Sulphur Quarry

First, you must leave the Farbane Woods and head to the Sulphur Quarry, located in the northeastern edge of the map. The objective of this endeavor is to defeat Clive: The Firestarter and acquire the recipe to cook explosives. However, he is a level 30 boss so make sure that your Vampire is at least on level 30.

Bandit Stronghold

Once you cook a few explosives using Sulphur, head to the barricaded Bandit Stronghold located in the northwestern corner of the map (see the image). Here, you must use the explosives to break the wooden wall and enter the Stronghold. Next, defeat all the enemies until you face Quincey: The Bandit King. It may be an overwhelming encounter but defeating this boss unlocks the ability to melt iron ore into iron bars and create iron weapons using your Smithy.

V Rising: Where to Find Iron Ore?

Now that you have learned how to use iron to create weapons and equipment, it is time to start farming iron ores. However, before you embark on your next expedition, you should grind some XP and reach character level 37+. Also, you must craft a Merciless Copper Mace as it yields higher amounts of Iron per strike. You can use your workbench to craft this powerful mace using 1x Copper Mace, 2x Crude Topaz, 4x Leather, and 8x Whetstone.

Once you have your iron-mining mace, it is time to head to some of the best iron mining locations in V Rising. The most yielding location is the Cursed Forest located in the northernmost corner of the map. However, you should avoid this area until you are strong enough as most enemies in this location are level 60+.

Cursed Forest

Similarly, if you are looking for the second-best location to farm iron ores, you should travel east towards the Dunley Farmlands. The Iron Ores aren’t as abundant here as the Cursed Forest but you can gather enough resources for some basic iron crafting. However, make sure to level up to at least 40 as most enemies in the Farmlands range between level 30 and 37. After defeating all the guards, take out your copper mace or any refined copper weapon and look for silver-ish stones to mine iron ores.

Haunted Iron Mine

If you aren’t still satisfied with your mining efficiency, you can travel a bit westward to the Haunted Iron Mine in the Dunley Farmlands. Here you will find loads of iron deposits inside the cave and they are guarded by the same level 30+ enemies, except for Meridith: The Bright Archer, a level 52 V Blood Carrier. 

You can either try your luck in defeating her or you can evade her attacks and continue mining deeper into the mine. The best strategy is to wait for the boss to go deeper into the mines, sneak behind her, quickly mine all nearby iron deposits, and get back to your base Castle. In most cases, you can harvest as many as 700 Iron Ores by just 10 minutes of farming, which is more than enough to satisfy your needs.


However, once you manage to defeat Meridith, the Haunted Iron Mines become free iron farming grounds. So, feel free to send a few human slaves to mine passive resources while you engage in other activities. Also, you will now have enough spare time and resources at your disposal to gear up and take down the enemies in the Cursed Forest.

Note: You can’t use the nearby Waygate to teleport back to your Castle with the mined resources. So, the only way home is to run back after you have mined enough Iron Ores for your recipes. However, some players have reported that this issue has been resolved in the new V Rising 1.0 update but we are yet to confirm this rumor.


Iron is an important resource to mine after you reach character level 30 in V Rising. You can melt the harvested V Rising Iron Ores into iron ingots or bars and use them to craft Iron weapons and equipment. Hopefully, this article has covered all the basics of Iron Smithing and where to find Iron Ores in V Rising, feel free to reach out if you have any queries or suggestions, Happy Hunting!

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