Is there PvP in Solo Leveling Arise?

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It is no surprise that Solo Leveling Arise is the next big hit in the ARPG universe. Ever since its release, millions of players have joined the community to experience this manga-based Gacha RPG. The game features powerful weapons, fancy move sets, and fully customizable character progression. However, sometimes, the vicious dungeon bosses can sometimes be a little overwhelming to defeat on your own. Moreover, the game-content is very limited as the game is still in its first season, so a PvP combat mode can spice things up a bit.

If you are wondering, “is there PvP in Solo Leveling Arise?” or if you want to play with your friends in co-op mode, you are not alone. This article explains everything about Solo Leveling Arise multiplayer and the latest updates on this feature.

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Does Solo Leveling Arise Have Multiplayer?

Unfortunately, there are no multiplayer features in Solo Leveling Arise as of now. The only way to interact with other players is through the built-in leaderboard system that features the top-ranking players and their achievements from across the globe. As there is ‘Solo’ in the game title, maybe the game was meant to be experienced in single player mode only.

On the bright side, Solo Leveling Arise does have the potential to thrive in the multiplayer genre. It has all the features and systems in place to accommodate multi-play in some form, be it PvP battlefields or PvE co-op modes. As the game was just released a few days back, we are yet to discover whether or not the developers will include player-requested features in the upcoming updates.

Will Solo Leveling Arise Support PvP?

As mentioned earlier, Solo Leveling Arise ticks all the boxes for a full-fledged multiplayer mode. The players have been rushing to the Netmarble discussion forum to request this much-needed feature. One such player named Matinrix#OFX6W has even placed a petition to add a PvP mode in Solo Leveling Arise, and it was widely accepted by other players. 

However, another player-base has pointed out that even if there was a PvP mode, it won’t be as exciting for free-to-play (F2P) players. It is mainly because players have already invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars in their game accounts (check our guide on free gold farming in SLA). So, some of these overly-powerful players may break the PvP mode if mismatched with F2P players.

On the other hand, the developers have not made any official announcements on this matter. So, the whole discussion is still in fog, maybe the Devs will surprise us in upcoming months. Maybe the feature is still under construction, maybe we won’t ever get what we asked for. At this point, all we can do is guess and hope that the Netmarble team will consider our demands.


Solo Leveling Arise PvP or Multiplayer mode is among the top-requested features on the Netmarble discussion forum. However, the game currently doesn’t offer multiplayer experience in any form. Hopefully, the Devs will consider our requests in future updates as the game has the potential to host such modes. We will keep you updated with any news on Solo Leveling Arise multiplayer mode, so keep an eye on our blog to never miss an update.

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