Solo Leveling Arise: How to Quickly Farm Gold?

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Gold is hard to come by in Solo Leveling Arise. You will need gold to level up your character, upgrade your weapons and abilities, unlock the best weapons for Jinwoo, and even acquire new hunters. Basically, you need gold for anything and everything in this game. The only problem is that the developer exclusively states that gold farming should be restricted for free-to-play (F2P) players. So, if you plan to grow in the game without spending any real money, you are in for some serious grinding.

Fortunately, the game offers several ways to acquire gold without investing anything but time. So, how to quickly farm gold in Solo Leveling Arise? In this article, we will guide you through the best ways to get gold in SLA and even provide some gold-saving strategies. Let’s get started:

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Solo Leveling Arise: How to Save Gold?

As mentioned earlier, you need gold for doing anything and everything in SLA. So, like most players, you’d be tempted to spend it all at once, judging from how easily you collect gold during the early-game stages. However, this critical resource becomes scarce in the later phases and the value for upgrades starts rising as well.

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Unfortunately, by that time, most players might have already depleted their gold reserves. Therefore, it is extremely important to learn how to save gold in Solo Leveling Arise and only spend on what really matters. For instance, you should avoid upgrading artifacts (both hunters’ and Jinwoo’s) unless you unlock a high-tier item. Basically, anything below level 30 doesn’t deserve anything more than a +10 upgrade.

Secondly, you should learn about the best weapons tier list for hunters and Jinwoo and only upgrade the SSR-grade weapons that you use. Otherwise, you will spend thousands of golds without yielding any concrete benefits. Lastly, you should avoid purchasing weapons directly from the store and only rely on the card system. Oh, and avoid spending on useless upgrades unless they are imminent for your success in the dungeons.

Always remember “The best way to save gold is to not spend it at all,” and you will be good.

How to Quickly Farm Gold in Solo Leveling Arise?

Okay, so you’ve learned how to save gold, but what if your gold reserves are already depleted? In that case, you must rely on our practical gold farming strategies in SLA to quickly generate gold. There are many ways to earn gold in the game but all of them require patience, skills, and consistency. So, make sure to stick to your strategy for at least a week before you start judging the results.

Here are the best ways to quickly farm gold in Solo Leveling Arise:

Story & Side Missions

Story and Side Missions Poster

Completing the main story mode is the most obvious way to earn some honest gold. You must progress through the chapters to unlock game content, earn rewards, and develop your character. Similarly, you can also explore the side content from chapter 5 onwards to earn up to 100,000 gold per chapter. Basically, it becomes free gold after chapter 6 as you unlock the auto-combat system.

Hunter Pass

Hunter Pass Poster

Another useful way to quickly farm gold in SLA is the Hunter Pass (battle pass). You can check and complete these challenges to earn gold and other valuable rewards. Basically, the free pass gives you gold in increments of 50,000 after every 5 stages, starting at level 1. So, it is perhaps the most efficient way to earn lots of gold fast.

Battle of Trials

Battle of Trails Poster

The Battle of Trials in Solo Leveling Arise is the second-best way to quickly farm tons of gold. However, you must progress till chapter 6 to unlock this game mode. After that, it is only a matter of building a powerful team of hunters to progress through various floors. You will earn about 50,000 gold after every 5 floors, i.e., 1, 6, 11, 17 and so on. Currently, there are 40 floors in this game mode and more will be added in later updates.

Activity Fund

Activity Funds Poster

If you are looking for a way to earn gold passively, this is the perfect method for you. Basically, you don’t need to clear dungeons, defeat bosses, or grind through devastating floors to earn gold. Beside other rewards, the Activity Fund Machine will generate up to 100 gold per minute, depending on your hunter level and tier. So, all you need to do is to log in everyday and access the machine from your lobby to collect these rewards.

Selling Artifacts

You start finding artifacts from chapter 6 onwards. These are special items that boost stats like attack, vitality, MP, and speed for both Jinwoo and the hunters. While upgrading higher-tier artifacts is crucial for your success, you will also find loads of low-rank artifacts (basically trash). Fortunately, you can auction and even sell those extra artifacts to quickly generate a few useful bucks. Oh, and if you are looking to farm these artifacts, feel free to check out the Encore Missions and Instance Dungeons.

Mining Gates

Mining Gates Poster

Gates in Solo Leveling Arise offer a great way to generate gold and earn valuable rewards. These gates are basically small-scale dungeons where the player must survive a swarm of enemies and defeat the final boss. Once a gate is cleared, you can then send your hunter mining team to mine gold and other rewards. Also, you will unlock special gold or XP gates after every 3 turns, these are the ones with the highest yield. Lastly, your mining team will level up after mining several dungeons, bringing in even more rewards from each mission.

Story Challenges

Story Challenges Poster

Last but not least, you can quickly farm gold in SLA by completing various challenges. You can access the challenges tab from the main lobby to see your current progress for each challenge. Currently, there are over 800 unique challenges, each reward you with 5,000 gold, essence stones, and draw tickets.


Gold is scarce yet an important resource in SLA. Therefore, this article provides some of the best ways on how to quickly farm gold in Solo Leveling Arise. Hopefully, you have formed your farming strategy from these methods. So, be patient, resourceful, and stay consistent with your strategy so that you never run out of gold, ever! If you have any requests or questions about this guide, feel free to reach out in the comments.

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