Solo Leveling Arise: Best Weapons Tier List for Sung Jinwoo

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Solo Leveling Arise is the latest Toon-Style, action-adventure game available on both PC and Mobile. It has massively grown in popularity ever since its early access back in March 2024. Now that the full game is released, we have the chance to create the best weapon tier list for Sung Jinwoo, the main protagonist.

As you will be spending most of your time in fighting monsters and demons, it is crucial to add the most powerful SSR-grade weapons to easily complete the dungeons. Secondly, you gain XP based on your performance during these battles. So, having at least one top-tier weapon will help you progress faster in the game. Let’s get started:

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How to Choose the Best Weapons for Jinwoo in Solo Leveling Arise?

As you already know, weapon selection plays an important role in your gameplay experience. You can spend countless hours in defeating a simple Lizardman or even cheese around the boss by using some of the strongest weapons in the game. The only problem is that there are over 20 unique weapons to choose from and the only way to acquire them is from Gacha. 

Each Solo Leveling weapon has unique characteristics. For example, you can find weapons with frost damage, heat damage, and even bleeding perks. These weapons will damage your opponents based on their weaknesses. Therefore, it is imperative to select your weapon arsenal according to the scenario and type of enemy that you are about to fight. 

The weapon rating system is yet another dealbreaker for most players. Weapons in this game are categorized as Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), and Super-Super Rare (SSR). The SSR weapons are the most powerful and come with unique perks, but they are the hardest to get. Similarly, the R-rated weapons can be easily acquired but we suggest that you salvage them to upgrade your SR and SSR weapons respectively.

Best Weapon Tier List for Sung Jinwoo:

Tier List

S+ Tier

Demonic Plum Flower Sword WeaponWest WindThe HuntsmanThetis' Grimoire

S Tier

Demon King's longswordRadiru Family's LongbowOrb of AvariceMoonshadow Weapon

A Tier

Shadow Scythe WeaponNaga Guardian Dragon's TridentVulcan's RageKasaka's Venom Fang

B Tier

Burning Demon's GrimoireBlack HawkKnight KillerBaruka's Dagger

C Tier

Lustrous Dragon SwordFrostbite FalchionOrc's BroadswordDemon Knight's Spear

D Tier

Dragonscale BroadswordArachnid's Hand CrossbowIce Elf's BowGrave Keeper's ScytheRock Golem HammerLizard GlaiveKim Sangshik's SwordSandstorm CubeRazan's BladeLycan SlayerKnight's Sword

S+ Tier Weapons List:

  • Demonic Plum Flower Sword: This is by far the strongest weapon in the game. Besides other dark elemental perks, it grants 36% Critical Damage bonus for infinite duration.
  • West Wind: The damage output of this SR-rated sniper surpasses many SRR weapons. Moreover, it is quite easy to pull that 70% bonus damage (basically free damage).
  • The Huntsman: This SSR grade weapon deals elemental damage from a distance of 4 meters (it’s a lot for any battle arena). Also, you will enjoy the 50% break damage bonus with the synergizing passive attacks
  • Thetis' Grimoire: Are you looking for the best frost weapon? Well, look no further because thetis’ Grimore will halt all nearby enemies for a few seconds and inflict frost damage in the end.

S Tier Weapons List:

  • Demon King’s Longsword: This weapon belongs in the S+ tier if it wasn’t designed for the counter-focused playstyle. The best part is that it generates a Lightning shield around the player to prevent consecutive hits.
  • Radiru Family's Longbow: This longbow rapidly fires a stream of light arrows, dealing massive damage from a distance. However, it is only suitable for long battles as the damage output stacks over time.
  • Orb of Avarice: The Orb of Avarice basically amplifies your purgatory damage by a whopping 50% while boosting the MP consumption by 10%.
  • Moonshadow: The Moonshadow blade barely loses to the Demonic Plum in terms of burst damage output. However, its main strength is the Moonglow Shining in the Dark attack which causes a massive explosion in the arena.

A Tier Weapons List:

  • Shadow Scythe: This SSR grade weapon replicates the Demonic Plum but at a smaller scale. It deals Dark elemental damage and increases the critical hits by 25%.
  • Naga Guardian Dragon's Trident: This SR grade weapon is suitable for fire bosses. Its Holy Spear shoots a water ball and deals massive damage to fire-based enemies.
  • Vulcan's Rage: Vulcan’s Rage is probably the weakest SSR weapon in the game. However, it is also the best weapon for AoE and non-boss enemies.
  • Kasaka's Venom Fang: This poison-based dagger stuns the enemies and induces hemorrhage, taking away -1% HP per second.

B Tier Weapons List:

  • Burning Demon's Grimoire: The Burning Demon is among the best MP weapons in the game. It takes away huge chunks from your MP but deals massive damage to a large group of enemies.
  • Black Hawk: The Black Hawk revolver is most suitable for clearing a large swarm of enemies. However, its damage output is incremental and is based on the player’s skills.
  • Knight Killer: Similar to the Radiru Bow, this dagger slowly stacks up the damage output. Moreover, it also boosts your defense penetration by 2.5% for a total of 20 seconds.
  • Baruka's Dagger: Baruka used this weapon to teleport behind the enemies and attack them from behind. You can also perform similar maneuvers and get a +110-power boost.

C Tier Weapons List:

  • Lustrous Dragon Sword: This shiny sword can take lives and regenerate your HP. At 80% HP, it applies the Energy of the Light Dragon and grants 8% damage boost.
  • Frostbite Falchion: The Frostbite Falchion freezes your enemies for two seconds. So, if you are looking to stun your enemies, better use Kasaka's Venom Fang.
  • Orc's Broadsword: This sword deals pretty decent damage but requires a lot of investment on your end. Still, it is far better than using Jinwoo’s longsword.
  • Demon Knight's Spear: This mediocre spear regenerates 1 MP per hit and allows you to repeat the same skill twice.

D Tier Weapons List:

The weapons included in this tier are worthless and should only be savaged for upgrading higher-tier weapons. In my opinion, you should continue grinding the Gacha system until you acquire something from the A, S, or S+ tiers.


Hopefully, you have found the perfect weapon for your next visit to the dungeons. This best weapons tier list for Jinwoo will help you plan your next moves, and even evaluate your current weapon arsenal in Solo Leveling Arise. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out in the comments section, Happy Gaming!

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